Robyn Pearce – 'one of the world's leading time management experts' MD2MD members will have the opportunity to receive insight into the power of defining and implementing a practical, effective productivity program at their regular MD2MD meeting in September from New Zealand based Robyn Pearce, 'The Time Queen' . We have also come to an exclusive arrangement with Robyn to deliver a tightly focused 1 day workshop in Chalgrove on Getting a Grip on Time as a follow-up for MD2MD members, their staff and other business leaders and senior managers. Since 1992, Robyn Pearce's practical and common sense approach to time-associated subjects has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world improve their productivity and time management. Getting a Grip on Time Masterclass In this very interactive 1 day Masterclass, participants will discuss; Planning and Prioritising A diagnostic to help participants identify their own specific issues and/or the issues of their staff. A fresh and simple way to understand and remember the underlying principles of planning and prioritising. Discussion of case studies and practical applications on how to be more proactive and effective. Practical ways to work with whatever diary systems they're already using, or suggestions to improve. Overcoming Time Wasters Robyn's very interactive style encourages participants to bring their specific issues to the table, so much of the content depends on audience needs. In the afternoon, you will drill down in more detail into topics of interest to the group, such as; How to reduce interruptions and wasted time. How to eliminate or reduce wasted meeting time. Quick tips on how to minimise the impact of e-mail. Simple but little-used time saving email techniques. Smart information management techniques – paper handling in particular. How to manage garrulous or time-wasting staff members. Quick delegation tips. Robyn has published 8 productivity-related books, is a regular columnist in several newspaper and magazines, and her e-newsletter/blog is received by over 10,000 subscribers world-wide. She also delivers a weekly 1 hour podcast via based in Chicago. For details, link here:

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