Geography, Pollution and Inequality: Manipulating the market mechanism to promote frugality, prudence and deferred gratification without the perversion of profit. Danny Dorling makes the case for using the market to ration our resources better without the encouraging the environmentally harmful effects of the profit motive.

Using examples, he shows how countries in the affluent world which control economic inequality also pollute less. With maps that rank in scale from the global, to Oxford local, ideas are presented for how we could constrain our desires and behaviour now to the benefit of future generations and ourselves in our old age. Danny’s most recent books are “A Better Politics”, “Geography” with Carl Lee and, with Bethan Thomas, “People and Places: A 21st Century Atlas of the UK". BOOK SIGNING: Copies of Danny's books will be available at the event for a signing, organised by Waterstones. This event is a fundraiser for Asylum Welcome, welcoming asylum seekers, refugees and detainees who have fled persecution and danger in their own countries and seek refuge in Oxford and Oxfordshire.

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