19th June 2017 13:30

We would like to invite you to a unique workshop on the Future of High Impact Philanthropy, being hosted in partnership between the Skoll Centre and Future Agenda. Building on insights from the global Future Agenda project and additional research, this event is bringing together 25+ experts in and around the arena of philanthropy and impact investing to explore and share views of the key regional global changes on the horizon.

As detailed online (www.futureagenda.org), the Future Agenda program is the world’s leading open foresight project and throughout 2015 it brought together multiple experts around the globe to share and discuss different perspectives of the world in 2025. The main program runs every five years and in between we focus on additional topics of interest to explore in more detail. Last year the focus was the future of cities and this year it is the important topic of the future of high impact philanthropy. Alongside this workshop in Oxford other events are taking place in Singapore, Dubai, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Quito, London, Egypt, China and Nigeria. The insights from all events will form a unique global view of how philanthropy is changing and what are the key implications for the next decade.

The emerging perspective can be seen here: https://www.slideshare.net/futureagenda2/future-of-high-impact-philanthropy-updated-view.

As with all Future Agenda events, the discussion will be a highly interactive, immersive dialogue between peers and will not include formal presentations or speeches. We will be exploring changes to philanthropy from multiple aspects – motivations, successes, measures, areas of focus, as well as social, regulatory and cultural implications. We will review an initial perspective gained from previous discussions, identify what is missing and then focus on what and why this will be important over the next decade. In order to support open dialogue, individual comments will be non-attributable but all will be free to use the output materials that we will prepare after the event. All participants will not only receive the outputs from this event but will also get all the insights from the other events taking place and the final report. In addition we will also provide access to all the insights from the 120 workshops undertaken around the world in 2015.

For details, link here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/future-of-high-impact-philanthropy-tickets-34660055158

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