6 November 17.30-20.00

Doing a PhD in a technical subject and want to make an impact, but don't know where to start?

Learn more about the route from academic research to launching your own startup from founders who have been eactly where you are. From PhD to Startup: Oxford is an event run each term by Entrepreneur First and the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division at Oxford University. This time we will be joined by Dave Hunter, the CEO and Co-Founder of Optimal Labs. Optimal Labs applies cutting-edge deep reinforcement learning to create intelligent autopilots for farms, improving the efficiency, reliability and quality of food production. High tech greenhouses can produce 10-40x yield of traditional farming and they’re universally scalable and deployable anywhere. Plus the implications of AI controlled farms are potentially huge – with higher quality food, produced faster and more reliably, people will be able to live better for longer. Dave studied Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial and trained as a pilot in the Royal Airforce before going into the banking industry, where he eventually ended up running Deutsche Bank’s quantitative strategies team. His algorithms traded >5% of the European stock market volume. On leaving Deutsche Bank, he completed a Masters in Deep Reinforcement Learning at Oxford before joining EF.

Join us to hear more about Dave's research and journey. Pizza and beer are of course on us.


17:30-17:40 Registration


17:40-18:30 Talk and Q&A from Dave Hunter


18:30-19:30 Pizza and networking


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