Jamie Potter, 25, is CEO and co-founder of Flexciton, a startup company disrupting the industrial world. He graduated from Oxford with a masters in Mathematics and Statistics and then began his career in a consultancy firm specialising in energy. There he built statistical software for several large companies including DECC, National Grid and RWE where his software was used to make multi-billion pound decisions. 

25% of the worlds electricity consumption is consumed by a certain type of industrial machine, rotating equipment. An industrial plant can spend hundreds of millions of pounds annually operating these machines yet their operation is still highly inefficient. The operation of these machines is highly complex and their inefficiency is driven by human operators making ad-hoc decisions about their operation – usually based on the operators past experience. They have significant amounts of data at their disposal but it is far too complex for the human brain to comprehend on its own. In this talk we will demonstrate the problem at hand and show how Flexciton technology applies statistical models and mathematical optimisation to determine the optimal operation of these machines. 

For details, link here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/flexciton-a-revolution-in-industrial-automation-tickets-29514841686

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