April 9 13:00-16:30

Urban agriculture is increasingly gaining traction as a source of food provision. With ever-increasing urban populations, along with a demand for localised food, the time is ripe to explore strategies for furthering this. Information from the Foodprinting report and evidence from small-scale (i.e. garden and balcony) growing shows that there is the potential for small- to medium-sized cities to feed themselves, at least in fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, and eggs. Using Oxford as an example city, this workshop will bring together three speakers who are embedded in the local food system – one pessimist, one optimist, and one nutritionist. A participatory session, it will give attendees ample time to voice concerns and share strategies for overcoming them, and create a (rough) roadmap for urban food transitions. This session is chaired by Emma Burnett, with Clare Ferguson, Rachel Hammond and Joanna Tamburino, all of whom are involved in the food system in Oxford. 

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