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Essential UX leadership skills

UX projects often present us with all sorts of leadership and management challenges – from problems with people, expectations, changes in requirements and challenging design problems.

Strong leaders are critical to great design projects and great products – but what do they actually do that makes them so effective?

How do they ensure that projects run smoothly and have effective outcomes?

How do they create great working relationships that make the experience of working on the project as enjoyable as the end result?

In this talk, I will share the soft skills you will need to improve your own leadership skills that will make a huge positive impact on the success of your own UX projects.

James Chudley is a User Experience Director at one of the UK's leading UX consultancies having been an IA & UX practitioner for 17 years. He leads large scale UX research and design teams on projects for high profile global commercial clients. He co-wrote 'Smashing UX Design' & authored "Usability of Web Photos" and has spoken at events such as UXPA, IXDA, UPA, FOWD, NUX, UXCambridge, UXPA and co-founded UXBristol.


Lightening talk:

Typography and Information

Typography is much more than choosing typefaces and the visual appearance of a page. Typography is the primary medium by which we communicate information to our users on the web. In this talk I will look briefly at ways in which we can use typographic design to support people’s understanding and improve their chances of finding content that is of interest to them. I hope by the end of talk to convince you that, regardless of your role, typography is too important to the experience of your site to ignore it.

Matthew Standage is a UX Designer at Oxford Computer Consultants working on software, web and mobile apps for health, science, engineering and social care. Prior to this he spent four years studying typography and information design at the University of Reading. He is particularly interested in how we can use good design to improve people’s lives and aid informed decision making.

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Talks start at 7:30pm 


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