Crowdfunding in general, and particularly equity crowdfunding received lots of attention from industry, policy and academia in the recent years. While in the past few years non-financial crowdfunding such as donation- and reward-based crowdfunding grew rapidly, more recently we experience steady grow of financial crowdfunding such as lending- and equity-based crowdfunding. 

However, the equity crowdfunding market and industry is in continuous state of flux. Not only regulatory changes influence the development of equity crowdfunding, but also demand (e.g. more entrepreneurial ventures seek financing through crowdfunding) and supply side (e.g. new type of investors, higher involvement of sophisticated investors) influence market trends of equity crowdfunding. What are the current trends and how do equity crowdfunding platforms cope with them? The questions that we shall raise during this panel session with some of the leading equity crowdfunding platforms in Europe are the following: What is the current state of equity crowdfunding (globally and regionally)? What are the challenges for intermediates, investors and entrepreneurs in equity crowdfunding? What are the product and service trends of equity crowdfunding platforms and does the core business of platforms change? What are the key differences among different European markets and the US? What is the likely evolution of platforms?

Moderator: Ronald Kleverlaan (CrowdfundingHub, The Netherlands) Panellists – Karen Kerrigan (Seedrs, UK) – Lasse Mäkelä (Invesdor, Finland) – Francesca O`Brien (SyndicateRoom, UK) – Gilles van der Meerschen (MyMicroInvest, Belgium) 

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