As part of a great university, the school aims to make the wider intellectual richness of Oxford available to its students and staff in various ways. One such way is to engage with issues in the study of the humanities. The work of historians, philosophers, and classicists, and the study of literature and artefacts from many countries and traditions, can shed light on challenges that concern business school students. The study and performance of drama and music can develop perspectives on communication that will be valuable in other contexts, including the corporate and government worlds. The business school works with a number of Oxford’s leading humanities scholars in a series of activities to which we give the broad title “Engaging with the Humanities”. This series of events is a part of that, and open to all members of the business school community. The School is happy to welcome Pegram Harrison along with members of the Music Faculty and other Oxford-area musicians to the School on Wednesday 2 December. Standing on the Podium: leadership lessons from musical conductors Much of leadership involves coordinating different functions and communicating effectively both inside and outside an organisation. Also, much of this communication occurs at a distance: i.e., not face-to-face, and very often through non-verbal means such as images, symbols, tone, gestures, behaviours, etc. Few figures represent this role more vividly than a musical conductor, who must maintain appropriate control and influence over a group of differently skilled experts in order to generate value for diverse stakeholders all without words. Conductors lead, the team performs, and the audience benefits: there are many valuable leadership lessons to be learned from these relationships. Please arrive at 12.15pm for a prompt 12.30pm start. Lunch will then be provided and the lecture will commence at 1pm. Tickets are non-transferable. For details, link here:

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