Wednesday 9 November 2016, 12.15 – 1.15pm

Oxford Saïd is pleased to welcome the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology back to the School on Wednesday 9 November as part of our Engaging with the Humanities series. Dr Mallica Kumbera Landrus Textiles, a motif and fashionistas This talk explores the history of a decorative motif, the trade of a particular commodity from the east to the west, and the role of strong women leaders in the story.

Dr Mallica Kumbera Landrus examines intersections of religion, politics and social life in the history of art and architecture in India. At Oxford her work involves working within and around the accepted pedagogical modes and the application to them of a rigorous and imaginative cross-disciplinary instruction grounded in her specialist knowledge and teaching experience. Mallica contributes lectures towards various core and option courses at Oxford in various departments, including History of Art, Archaeology, History, International Development, Geography and Oriental Studies. She also contributes towards courses in the MBA, EMBA and DipSi at the Said Business School, where she is an Associate Fellow. Dr Giovanna Vitelli Old Objects, New Subjects: Museum artefacts and their place in contemporary debates We swim in a sea of material things; we discriminate countless times a day between different “things”, and make choices about which objects we interact with, from smart phones to coffee mugs. Our behaviour is not new: for centuries, we have communicated through objects, creating things to exchange, to create wealth, to build trust, to foster identity and community, to judge and exclude. Using these objects to think with can transform them into powerful analytical tools, and can enrich our understanding of how the world works. Through examples from the Ashmolean Museum’s collections from the Pacific Islands, 17th and 18th century Europe, and the Americas, today’s session highlights the value-added of bringing in material resources to address such contemporary issues as transparency in financial networks, information flows, and consumerism and identity. Dr Giovanna Vitelli is the Director of the University Engagement Programme, an Ashmolean Museum initiative funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Registration Please remember that registration is required to attend this event. The seminar is open for anyone to attend and will take place at Saïd Business School.

Registration will open at 11.45am with lunch served from 11.45-12.15pm; the talk will begin promptly at 12.15pm and conclude by 1.15pm. Registration is essential so please click 'Register' above to confirm your attendance. Please note that filming, live streaming and photography will be taking place during this event. By entering and participating you are giving your permission to be recorded and for the School to us the media in future.

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