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Business today is intensely focussed on innovation, but what do we mean when we talk about ‘innovation’ and how do people innovate in practice? Standard approaches tend to involve case studies of innovative companies, where styles of innovation can differ markedly depending on the size, sector, and orientation of the business.

Questions of creativity are approached in a variety of ways, ranging from methods of enhancing personal creativity to techniques of creative engagement for teams and corporations. But are there enduring principles of innovation, and if so what are they? One stimulus to creativity is to step away from one’s immediate focus: listening to music and engaging with historical issues offer forms of such detachment. A focus on classical Greece brings one in contact with notable stories of innovation (the Greeks invented, among other things, the alphabet, money, and logic), while classical music of the 18th and 19th centuries provides clear examples of how creators build on the past to make something new. This talk aims to combine both approaches to present 'classical perspectives’ on creativity and innovation.

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About the speaker Dr. Armand D’Angour is Associate Professor in Classics at University of Oxford and a Fellow of Jesus College. He is an expert on Greek and Latin languages and literature, and an author on ideas and practices of innovation in the ancient world. He has conducted seminars and lectured on innovation at Saïd Business School, London Business School and INSEAD. With a degree from the Royal College of Music, London, as well as a BA (Hons) in Classics from Merton College Oxford, he initially embarked on a career as a performer on the cello. Subsequently, during the late 1980s and early 1990s, he worked for his family’s business, designing and manufacturing tin boxes as decorative containers for tea, coffee and confectionery products. His varied engagement with practical and intellectual innovation led to the research topic for his doctorate (the dynamics of innovation in ancient Athens) and to his ongoing research into the subject. To find out about all events held at Oxford Saïd, click here. Eventbrite processes data (including any personal data you may submit by responding to this invitation) outside of the European Economic Area. Please submit only any personal data which you are happy to have processed in this way, and in accordance with Eventbrite's privacy policy applicable to attendees. If you prefer not to use Eventbrite for responding to this invitation, you may respond directly to

Engaging with the Humanities: Armand D'Angour Classical perspectives on creativity and innovation Wednesday 29 November, 12.15 – 1.15pm Saïd Business School works with a number of Oxford's leading Humanities scholar in a series of activities to which we give the broad title 'Engaging with the Humanities'. This series of events is a part of that, and open to all member of the Business School and local Oxford community. We are delighted to welcome Dr Armand D'Angour, Associate Professor in Classics at University of Oxford and Fellow of Jesus College, to deliver a session at the School on Wednesday 29 November. 

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