In the changing landscape of work, we’re seeing continuous advances in technology taking the place of traditional human jobs, increasing automation and efficiency across all industries.


As humans, we need to re-evaluate the role that we play in the workplace. To really stand out and thrive in this this fourth industrial revolution, we need to pay more attention to developing the skills that machines are unable to replicate: skills that are uniquely human. This workshop is part of a wider series which aims to unlock and strengthen these skills to better prepare you for the world of work.




Developing your ability to empathise will have a positive impact on your future employability. Empathy will help you to become a more effective communicator, negotiator, collaborator and leader. It’s a skill increasingly sought after by employers, as many recent reports show.


This Workshop explores how to step back from your own mental map, and apply the ‘triple perspective’ in order to effectively see things from different angles so that you remain confident and positive when working with others.




Increase your understanding of empathy

Increase your ability to empathise

Give you tools and techniques to allow you to further develop your empathy in day to day life









Undergraduates – Postgraduates – DPhil candidates




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STUDENT IDS WILL BE CHECKED ON THE DOOR. Please bring your Bodleian card and Foundry membership card with you.


Photography and filming will take place during this event. By entering and participating, you are giving your permission to be photographed and recorded, and for the Oxford Foundry to use this in the future.

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