Nov 18 2017 08:30

Have you got an interest in health and entrepreneurship? You can now register for the EIT Health Innovation Day which is taking place on the 18th November 2017 at the Oxford Foundry, the brand new and exciting entrepreneurial and innovation hub created for the University of Oxford community.

The EIT Health Innovation Day is a fully facilitated hackathon style day designed to tackle and resolve challenges in the field of healthcare.The day involves brainstorming, getting inspired by industry leading keynote speakers and working with likeminded participants in teams to create solutions for the challenges presented. Participating teams will be competing for a range of financial and entrepreneurial prizes. These include automatic entry into restricted Entrepreneurship Centre programmes to further develop and enhance the best ideas from the day. You don’t have to be an expert in healthcare or business to contribute your insights and ideas – in fact, some of the brightest solutions may be found in the most unthinkable corners. *The overarching theme for 2017 will be mental health. This will be covered in all aspects, from tacking student mental health challenges to improving life for those suffering from dementia*

If you have a passion for solving challenges surrounded by a great team: Register your interest now! (Open to all current Oxford University students).

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