Our education systems as we know them today were formed in the industrial age, with a focus on educating workers. While the world has dramatically changed since then, our education systems have largely remained the same. 


There is a growing discourse around the need to educate young people for a future in which they can create a better world. There are great examples of educational organisations that educate young people to create positive change and much needed solutions to global challenges. The question however is how we go about doing this in at scale, in different parts of the world. 


This session will gather educational stakeholders – including students, teachers, education policy makers, education funders and organisations acting in the field of education – to undertake a joint systems mapping exercise to see how and where change can be made and to seize opportunities to enable our education systems to accelerate good. 


Rebecca Warren, Senior Education Project Coordinator at UWC International and Polly Akhurst, Mia Eskelund Pedersen, Co-Executive Directors of Sky School will lead this interactive session, which will provide a space which will enable stakeholders to connect around concrete suggestions of where and how implement change. The perfect session for: anyone who is passionate about accelerating education for good!

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