1 November 17.45-18.45

Distinguished Speaker Seminar / Inspiring Women at Oxford Saïd “Don’t lean in – change the system” is the advice Morrissey followed when she began her crusade to change the gender balance on company boards in the UK.

She founded the 30% club, enlisting the chairmen of large companies in the UK, and around the world, to create change and succeeded against the odds. Now she has moved to a new campaign – The Diversity Project, accelerating progress towards an inclusive culture in the investment profession, raising awareness of the need to improve equality of opportunity. As a mother of nine children ( including six girls) she is passionate about the need to bring men and women into the conversation about the future shape of the workforce. Her recent book, A Good Time to Be a Girl, explores some of the issues she has faced throughout her own career. Join us to be part of a conversation with Helena exploring the challenges she has faced and the potential for the next big breakthrough towards a more diverse workplace for all of us. The seminar is open for anyone to attend and will take place at Saïd Business School. Registration is essential so please use the Register button above to confirm your attendance. 

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