Oxford Technology & Media Presents Spring Networking Event 2016.

Digital is becoming ever more pervasive in our everyday lives, from film-makers to universities to SMEs to multinationals, and it now forms a core part of most organisations' daily operations.

The ‘Digital’ rate of change will only continue to accelerate as new technologies such as distributed ledgers and the Internet of Things become even more prevalent. At the core of this change will live a goldmine of data, which in itself will become an increasingly valuable asset, perhaps even more so than a company’s original business. This data will become an asset that is also becoming more regulated, forcing organisations to review how it is managed. When we step back and look are we, as organisations, really approaching digital any differently today than when we introduced our early e-commerce capabilities? This event explores what we mean by Digital Maturity, and how to understand and then improve your organisation’s digital maturity. The event will also tackle thorny questions such as how can organisations and individuals target the mobile consumer without breaking the rules? How can you build a successful profile in social media? Digital Maturity Taking on these questions on will be Ixium’s digital guru Gavin McLauchlan who has pioneered digital with organisations such Nielsen, the BBC, Microsoft and BT and Henry Kinniburgh whose career includes transformation projects at Nationwide, Cap Gemini, HP and Logica. We look forward to seeing you there! The event is free of charge for OTM members and will be held in the centre of Oxford at The Story Museum, 42 Pembroke St, OX1 1BP. Click here for directions. 6.00pm – Event Opens, Networking, Coffee & Refreshments Buffet food and drinks will be available after the event 9pm – Close Speaker Biographies Gavin McLauchlan. Partner, Ixium Group.Gavin McLauchlan Gavin has held senior positions in the Media, Market Research and Retail Loyalty industries, and is currently using these experiences to help organisations to better understand their digital opportunities, products and services – and taking them to market. Over time Gavin have been responsible for delivering some of the biggest game-changing events, and working with, and for, many of the largest organisations in their fields both in the UK and abroad. Gavin’s driving force is to bring together the above experiences as data is becomes even more important throughout the whole value chain – whether that be on-line, on TV or on any other device or service. Gavin owns over 134,000 music tracks, 450,000 of his own photographs (www.gavinmcphoto.com), and thousands of movies and TV shows – digitising his life has been one of his passions over the last 20 years, as are his family, rugby and skiing. Henry Kinniburgh. Partner, Ixium Group. Henry Kinniburgh Henry specialises in the areas of digital and regulatory transformation, with specialist knowledge of digital capability, data protection, payments and blockchain. His exposure to digital matters started in the early 1990’s and has built on this through involvement with a wide range of programmes over the last 25 years. During this time, Henry has developed a track record for delivering complex business transformation programmes, requiring a combination of strategic, regulatory, commercial, technical and change management skills. He has significant experience in the financial services, manufacturing, aviation and healthcare sectors Oxford Technology & Media exists to Stimulate a debate and business thinking on key topics and markets. Read some of the latest articles on our website. Help network members build a local network for support, personal development and mentoring on an individual basis. Help local startups and businesses find the people, connections and resources they need to flourish. Provide a catalyst for Oxfordshire expertise to challenge Cambridge’s status as the UK’s leading high technology cluster. Membership is by invitation or application but if you're connected to Oxford and in a leadership position in one of our key business areas, you're welcome to attend the speaker events to get a taste. We're gradually introducing the new name for The Oxford Technology Media & Finance Network – simply Oxford Technology & Media. Acknowledgement: Oxford Technology & Media Network would like to thank Grant Thornton LLP and White October for their kind support of both this event and Oxford Technology & Media Network programme. Storm photograph: Gavin McLauchlan. Grant Thornton White October

Date: Monday 11th April 2016, 6.00pm to 9.00pm Venue: The Story Museum, 42 Pembroke Street, Oxford, OX1 1BP

For details, link here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/digital-maturity-when-will-we-know-weve-grown-up-tickets-23898088827

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