The Digital Marketing Workshop will be given by the amazing Joy Foster, director of Digital Marketing at Founders4Schools, founder of Made with Joy, co-founder and CTO of Living in Luzern and social entrepreneur. Outline of the event: 6:00pm Arrival & Registration 6:15pm Digital Marketing Inventory 6:45pm Overview of Digital Marketing Strategies 8:00pm Q&A 8:15pm Goal Setting 8:30pm Finished Digital Marketing Inventory: By doing an inventory of your current digital marketing strategy (a form will be provided to you to fill out on the day), we will be able to see if your current strategy passes or fails what is acceptable in today's market place. If you are in the developing stages and haven't yet got a website or a strategy, this will be a chance for you pair up with someone who has and benefit from working in pairs. Overview of Digital Marketing Strategies: We'll talk about organic ways to drive traffic to your website using blogs and social media. We'll discuss the differences between the major social media outlets and which is best for your businesses or organization. Goal Setting: We'll set out some goals so that you can leave the workshop with a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and how to achieve it. Once in the business school foyer turn right and head to the Launchpad. For details, link here:

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