24th May 2017

We're pleased to announce as our first event in May, a VR workshop hosted by industry luminaries Dr Pam Kato and flying over from California is Silicon Valley based Rebecca Mandel Ben-Artzy. It will be an evening of two halves; in the first hour you'll find out about about the various benefits, opportunities and advancements Pam and Rebecca have made with some interactive demonstrations. In the second hour, they will run breakout group sessions where you as part of a team, will have the opportunity to ideate solutions in health that might employ VR. Think of it as a thought-experiment hack-day.

Leading-edge technologies are playing ever-more crucial roles in healthcare, yet they can generate controversy in their implementation. This is true for few disciplines as much as VR. Its potential to provide immersive experiences is being leveraged for patient psychoeducation (for example, preparing children for surgery), cognitive and physical rehabilitation, and treatment for numerous disorders (chronic pain, PTSD, Social Anxiety Disorder, Phobias etc). The challenge lies however in creating impactful content. Serious games for health have been shown to impact important factors that empower patients in healthcare. These immersive games and simulations have also been shown to impact factors known to be important for patient safety and quality of care that are difficult to train in traditional education formats. The time is ripe for serious games to join forces with VR as a delivery platform to impact healthcare. In this workshop, Dr. Pamela M. Kato, former Professor of Serious Games and Director of the Serious Games Institute, and Rebecca Mandel of Alpha Presence in Silicon Valley will present their perspectives on VR and serious games followed by hands-on activities that will help you get started on a thoughtful, strategic and evidence centred path to making a "killer" serious game app on a VR platform in healthcare.

Rebecca is flying across from California to see us, so in order to fund her flight we are having to charge a nominal fee for this event of £15 per head. As (nearly) always though, there will be refreshments along with this unusual and exciting presentation.

Huge thanks to The Oxford Trust for their support in hosting this event at The POD. Also thanks to our regular sponsors, Isansys, Oxford Computer Consultants, White October, and Global Initiative.

Booking: https://www.meetup.com/Digital-Health-Oxford/events/239900836/

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