Apr 14 2018 09:15

In Spring 2018, Innovation Forum Oxford will be launching the Oxford Paediatric Innovation Hackathon in partnership with “Thinking of Oscar” and Triteq. The Hackathon will build on the innovative foundations shared at the Leaders Conference (IFLC2017), and will focus on solving challenging paediatric health problems identified at the IFLC2017 “Thinking of Oscar” and Triteq booths.

In preparation, Innovation Forum Oxford brings you the opportunity to enter the world of Design Thinking (using, for a change, a non-healthcare related topic but equally poignant Autonomous Vehicles as a theme) and add an invaluable new tool to your problem-solving repertoire. Discover how this human-centric process can transform your idea from potential to reality and help solve real-life challenges in paediatric health.

If you are interested in updates on workshops and Hackathon details, pre-register now for free.

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