The transformation of healthcare through technology has huge potential to positively impact the health of individuals and populations. Effective transformation is most effective through smart design, keeping users (whether they are patients, clinicians or others) at the forefront of the process. UX Oxford and Digital Health Oxford have teamed up to bring a great evening of talks and discussion around this topic. Please join us at the Said Business School on Thursday 19th March to hear fantastic speakers from the HELIX centre and the design team behind Babylon, to be followed by a drinks reception. Maja Kecman Design Lead at HELIX HELIX is a team of designers and clinicians embedded in an acute central London hospital. It is run through a collaboration between Imperial College, the Royal College of Art and St Mary's Hospital. Their vision is to transform healthcare using design, making the UK a global business hub for low-cost and high impact innovation in healthcare. Maja has a decade of experience designing new healthcare devices and bringing them to market. Prior to HELIX, she was Head of Design at the Centre for Vision in the Developing World, and spent time in Silicon Valley working with scientists and venture capital experts on projects to address global healthcare challenges. She trained in engineering and industrial design at Cambridge and the RCA. Babylon Health Babylon Health aims combine the latest technology with the knowledge and experience of the best doctors to make healthcare simpler, better and more accessible and affordable for people everywhere. The design team behind Babylon will talk about what they did, the challeges they faced, and successes they had throughout the process. For details, link here:

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