Social Entrepreneurship : Core Values There's plenty of buzz in the field of social entrepreneurship on creating value, achieving impact, and leveraging scale. Less attention is focused on taking a solid stand on the bedrock of defined and practiced core values yet a growing body of research evidence makes a definitive case that the consistent practice of core values is a primary driver of enterprise outcomes. Many social entrepreneurs struggle to identify, define, and integrate core values into their enterprise design and organisational cultures. In the press of competing issues, core values are unfortunately often assumed and therefore overlooked. This seminar will provide a practical framework and process to identify, analyze, define, and apply core values in social enterprise – informed by reflection on personal life experience. About David David Haskell strengthens indigenous social entrepreneurs in hard places as co-founder and CEO of Dreams InDeed. David’s resolve to empower those in hard places started as a graduate student stunned by an explosion in Beirut. His best teachers have been the mentally challenged, genocide survivors, garbage sorters, HIV/AIDS widows, street children, and subsistence farmers. David has thirty years of experience launching six start-ups and directing four turn-arounds, including as founding director of Habitat for Humanity in the Middle East and East Africa. David earned a Harvard MPA in Leadership, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution; a UCLA MA in Applied Linguistics; and a Wheaton BA in Communications magna cum laude. A Pforzheimer Nonprofit Fellow at Harvard and Fulbright Scholar at University of Jordan, David received an Outstanding Teaching Award at UCLA and has presented at the American University of Beirut, Adelphi, Berkeley, Duke, Harvard, Notre Dame, Oxford, Princeton, Stanford, and Tufts. For details, link here:

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