Innovative visualisation technologies are enabling academics to communicate their research with new and larger audiences. Interactive visualisations of research data are increasingly available online and are encouraging publishers to reconsider past practices. This event will bring together publishers, academics, journalists and technologists around the topic of data visualisation. The aim is to foster discussion that will allow us to learn from one another and set new goals for collaboration and innovation.

This event is for you if: You are a researcher and produce datasets that you want to visualise and publish You are a publisher and want to hear what leading researchers will require in terms of data visualisation and publication You are a journalist and want to hear how researchers can work with you to communicate data driven research in engaging and innovative ways You work in research communications and would like to understand how mainstream media can help to promote data-intensive research You are a technologist and want to hear about how technical requirements for data visualisation are being met by academic publishers and mainstream media Agenda 10.00 Welcome and introduction, Peggy McCready (Director of Academic IT, University of Oxford), Howard Noble (Head of Research Support, University of Oxford) 10.20 Richard O’Beirne (Digital Strategy Group, Oxford University Press) 10.40 Mark Hahnel (Founder of figshare) 11.00 John Walton (Senior Broadcast Journalist, BBC News) 11.20 Coffee break 11.40 Rowan Wilson (Research Technology Specialist, University of Oxford) 12.00 Felix Krawatzek (Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford) 12.20 Andrea Rota (Technical Lead and Data Scientist. Pattrn) 1.00 Lunch break 2.00 Alan Smith (Data Visualisation Editor, Financial Times) 2.20 Scott Hale (Data Scientist, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford) 2.40 Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran (Research Lecturer, Oxford e-Research Centre) 3.00 Tea break 3.20 Brainstorm – next steps, primed with a talk by Philippa Matthews (Honorary Research Fellow, Nuffield Department of Medicine) 3.50 Wrap-up 4.00 Close Please see our film Open Data – The Golden Age of Discovery to learn about the importance of sharing research data from Viktor Mayer Schönberger, Chris Lintott, Danny Dorling, Jacob Dahl, Maja Založnik, Luciano Floridi, and Ben Goldacre.

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