May 17 2018 19.00

Cybersecurity: What keeps me up at night!

Dr Jason R. C. Nurse

Research Fellow

Department of Computer Science & Wolfson College, University of Oxford

Our world is driven by technology and while it offers a variety of benefits to society, it also exposes us to a series of new and complex cybersecurity risks. These can relate to how we conduct business, how we engage with colleagues, family and friends, or even how organisations and individuals interact with new platforms such as social media and the internet-of-things. In this talk, Dr Jason Nurse will explore these issues from the perspective of Cybersecurity. His talk begins with a brief discussion of what cybersecurity is, and then moves on to a detailed presentation of some of the significant challenges facing cybersecurity practice and research. Topics that will be covered include: the challenge of social engineering and why it is one of the most popular attacks today; the internet-of-things and its security and privacy implications; and how criminals use social media as a key platform for intelligence gathering on potential targets. These are all topics that will become critical in the future as society grows and technology becomes even more embedded into our daily lives.”


Dr Jason R.C. Nurse a Research Fellow in the field in Computer Science, Visiting Fellow in Defence and Security at Cranfield University, and Professional Member of the British Computing Society (MBCS). His research concentrates on pursuing novel, interdisciplinary approaches to enhance and maintain cybersecurity for organisations and individuals. This considers the full spectrum of technologies in use today and encompasses topics such as corporate security, privacy and security in the internet-of-things systems, risk assessment in complex systems, identity security in cyberspace, cybercrime and fake news and rumours on social media. For more information follow the link




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