Cryogenic Enterprise Day Showcasing (Enabling) Cryogenic Technology Feb 12, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory OX11 0QX This event will bring together delegates from the Cryogenic, Financial and Entrepreneurial Communities to explore business opportunities. Cryogenic [Low Temperature] Technology is behind the scenes as an enabling technology in Food, Energy, Healthcare, Science and Space – almost wherever you go. Long deployed in MRI scanners, Liquefied Natural Gas, sharpening the images in Astronomy and the Weather Forecast – even the Hot Spot Camera in Cricket ! Oxfordshire can claim a central role in development of Cryogenics – in MRI scanners and Cryocoolers for Space – and remains the centre of a triangle of Academia, Research Labs and Industry unmatched around the world. Oxford Instruments, the first Oxford University spinout, is a perfect example of a business with Cryogenics as a core technology. Products made in Oxfordshire are to be found all over the earth. So Oxfordshire is the perfect place to gather investors and entrepreneurs, for universities and research labs to showcase new cryogenic technologies and applications – in superconducting, quantum and photonics applications, in liquid air, and others – with the aim of stimulating new enterprise which exploits the wonderful, enabling capabilities of Cryogenics. And if you have any doubts after that, we will give you evidence by introducing the economic impact study on Cryogenics. We will be introducing opportunities in Quantum Technologies where the UK is putting significant investment of £270 Mio to develop a future UK industry and cryogenic technology is a key enabler. The day which will feature : Talks from the Universities – like Glasgow, on Superconducting Detector Systems – and from Professor Toby Peters on Liquid Air Lunch, addressed by Jonathan Flint, CEO of Oxford Instruments, to which we have invited the audience from a parallel event of Investor Presentations The first public presentation of an Economic Impact Study on Cryogenics (maybe the first ever such study) funded by STFC AGENDA Our agenda will follow shortly. But please contact us immediately if you have a particular presentation to put forward (we still have the possibility of accommodating a few more in the programme). Please contact John Vandoor: This event is a joint event between British Cryogenic Cluster, the KTN, STFC and Oxfordshire Enterprise. For details, link here:

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