*For All DPhil students and All Research Staff of: Social Sciences Division; Humanities Division*

Researchers and academics are increasingly combining their academic work with other part-time roles. The reasons for adopting a portfolio approach to work vary enormously. Some people enjoy the freedom and flexibility to work across disciplines and sectors, some see it as a short-term alternative to obtaining a permanent post, and others may use it as a way to fund a start-up or as a stepping stone to setting up as a freelance consultant.

This workshop is intended for those actively managing crossover careers as well as those considering embarking on one, out of either choice or necessity. We will begin with a panel session featuring speakers with different styles of professional portfolio. Each panellist will explain why they work this way, how they manage their portfolios, and the pros and cons of this kind of career route. Then during two breakout sessions you’ll have the chance to choose between a range of relevant topics. These are likely to include: financing a crossover career; developing a professional network; time management and managing multiple projects; pitching for work and telling your story; and building a motivated portfolio.

Booking: https://weblearn.ox.ac.uk/course-signup/rest/course/3C00D3101247

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