17 July 09.00

Business Networking with a twist…

That twist is the support, development, business opportunities and new connections a new business or sole trader needs to build and run a successful business.

At ConnectingDoorz we offer a trusted environment that encourages the sharing of advice, tips & guidance – a sounding board for new ideas and business challenges as well as bags of encouragement and motivation. This enables members to make sound, well thought through decisions in their businesses, avoiding mistakes and it certainly never feels like you’re on your own.

Each month at we offer you the opportunity to hear from successful entrepreneurs who’ll share stories of starting their businesses including the high points, the low points, the lessons and the successes; leaving you with tips and ideas to implement in your own business. But most of all it’s the time spent with a great bunch of professionals that’ll leave feeling motivated, focused, educated and energized for the month ahead.



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