Confessions of an Entrepreneur is a guest speaker series from the Oxford Launchpad and the Careers Service, designed to help you get an insight into the mindset of current entrepreneurs. You’ll learn tips and tricks – and the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur, or entrepreneurial. John Stuart, the CEO and founder of Bounts Limited believes in the old adage that all the best things take time and through experience we can recognise the tools and skills required to sustain through the inevitable difficult times of startup creation. John is a non-technical founder with a classic entrepreneurs ‘Jack of all trades’ background having worked in multiple industries and countries to acquire the skills and experience to run a challenging startup. Bounts is John’s 4th start-up and his most ambitious to date. John describes his first start-up run in Australia as an exercise in naivety and mis-guided ambition. But since learning the hard knocks of startup John has successfully launched and exited two other startups. Bounts was founded in 2011 and has only recently started to gain significant traction required to be sustainable. Bounts is a simple concept, it promises to reward people who exercise. If a member of the public can prove they exercise for 20 minutes or more then earn points like airmiles which they can exchange for real world cash rewards and prizes. Based on sound academic research, the bounts business model has been extremely tough to get right requiring instant volume to be sustainable without the prove that it will work to attract investors. John will explain the bounts business model, the challenges, choices, set backs and self made luck that has propelled bounts to acquire its latest round of funding and international growth. Come to the Oxford Launchpad on Wednesday 11 March 6pm to hear John's story and find out what being entrepreneurial entails. Refreshments provided. Programme: 6pm Networking – Drinks and Pizza 6.30pm John's Talk 7.30pm Networking 8pm Close For details, link here:

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