Confessions of an Entrepreneur is a guest speaker series from the Oxford Launchpad and the Careers Service, designed to help you get an insight into the mindset of current entrepreneurs. You’ll learn tips, tricks – and the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur, or entrepreneurial.

After graduating from MIT, Huy Nguyen Trieu started as an entrepreneur and founded Ukibi, a VC-funded startup in New York. He experienced the Internet bubble – on the way up and down -, raised $15m and grew the company from 3 to 50 people. He then moved to London where he fell – by coincidence – into banking. As a banker, he has been an intra-preneur and built very successful businesses. He is currently a Managing Director at Citi. As an ex-entrepreneur, he is still very much involved with startups, in particular in the Fintech area. He writes about innovation in finance at Disruptive Finance, mentors entrepreneurs, and is on the Fintech advisory board of the World Economic Forum, Fintech HK and Trusting Social. He is also a Resident Expert at Oxford Said Business School. He is very happy to share his experience as an entrepreneur in a 50-people company, as a Managing Director in a 200,000-people organisation, as a mentor and advisor to many early stage companies, and as someone who's had the experience of both the tech and finance worlds.

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