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Interactive Workshop

Presentation on our experience of improving a Reverse Mentoring Programme. As Consultants for Brightlife, Lottie and Wendy were invited to provide targetted interventions to improve the overall effectiveness of a Reverse Mentoring initiative within the EMEAR region of a global organisation. They will share the approach, links to the coaching modalities and the practical interventions created as a result. They will also share how this work informed their views on the importance of organisation culture to support any Reverse Mentoring Programme.

Our speakers: Wendy Bedborough Wendy specialises in leadership development and coaching, and her strength lies in enabling her clients to discover and develop their authentic leadership presence. She has over 25 years of business experience working in senior HR, Operational and Consulting roles. Now independent, she uses this experience to provide a solid foundation in ‘growing the people and the business’. As a self-confessed learning addict, she continues to enhance her academic, psychometric and vocational accreditations – believing that this will provide her clients with rich resources to draw on. Lottie Skuthe-Cook Lottie specialises in leadership coaching, facilitation and training. Her strength lies in enabling her clients to develop their own leadership brand that focuses on ensuring compatibility with their organisation and customer base. Her style is noted for its ability to be both challenging and encouraging for her clients in appropriate measure, yet she always maintains a focus on agreed outcomes that her clients seek in a safe, trusted environment. Lottie combines her 20+ years of business experience in director roles with multinational corporations, and her natural energy, warmth and empathy to help her clients realise their true potential. Professional photography and video production may be taking place at the event, and these images may be used on future promotional materials for CIPD. Please note that by attending the event, you are giving your consent for your image to be used on any CIPD promotional materials.

FAQs Is there parking available at the venue? Yes. Will there be refreshments provided? Yes, tea, coffee, soft drinks and a finger buffet will be on offer for our attendees.

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