Real Authentic Women – The Power of You series

Closing the Confidence Gap…time to lean in to the POWER of YOU

An inspirational and empowering couple of hours for you as a woman of influence to experience insights in to how to Get On in your career or business

Time to Get Seen, Get Heard, Get Back, Get On. Develop the courage to become your greatest self.


‘Courage starts with the showing up and letting ourselves be seen’. Brene Brown




Thursday 12th September– 14:30 -16:30 (registration from 14:00, get connected until 17:00) Hosted by SPACES Reading. 


Presented & facilitated by Tamsin Napier-Munn, Founder RAW Talks, Host of The Women in Business Awards, The Business Magazine – plus special guest




Simple, practical, powerful


Do you know you have more potential to give your life, career or business, but feel stuck or are unsure how to realise it?


Do you feel as though you’ve lost a little or a lot of who you are and confidence since taking a career break?


Have you ever had a great idea or been inspired to do something but hesitated, failed to act, speak up in a meeting or put your ideas forward, and felt frustrated because you missed out on promotion, opportunities, or felt undervalued?


If like me you have spent days, months or even years holding back, not speaking up, procrastinating over an idea or opportunity, hesitating, waiting for the right time, waiting to be ready, waiting to be asked and allowing the CDs (creeping doubts) to keep you stuck in mental jail… then perhaps it is time to find the POWER in YOU and ACT, and the right time is right NOW.


You are invited to come and sit at the table, to honour your instincts, develop a bias towards action and start living in the zone where magic happens.


This is your opportunity to experience a stimulating couple of hours


to discover your ‘Spike’ (McKinsey) and begin to develop the courage and confidence to act on your potential.




“Inspiring and motivating session”. Natalia, Head of Marketing, Pitmans


“I cannot recommend this fun and interactive workshops enough. Tamsin is one of the most inspirational ladies I’ve met and delivers a highly confident session on how to gain confidence to achieve your goals”. Vafa Taleban, Founder, Salvus Estate Planning


“Amazing event, thank you so much”.


A simple proven process for you to tap in to:


Your STRENGTHS – Get in touch with what you have going for you


Get on in your career, business, life, by spotting and owning your capabilities


Your ATTITUDE & COMMITMENT: To yourself and the process of change. Start to take charge of the worry habit before it takes charge of you


COMFORT ZONES: HOW to expand them to progress by leaning in to the POWER of YOU. Develop courage and start to master the ‘Power of the Push’ – to take the action you know you need to take to make that difference, progress in your career and in your business


We will unwrap what it takes master the ability to: Inspire, Influence and have the greatest Impact on your success.


We will touch on how to:


Get Seen & Get Heard- Become more visible, stand up, find your voice and use it to have greater impact & influence. ..make what you say matter, because what you say matters!


Who should attend?


Career builders, returners, managers, executives, business owners, entrepreneurs


How do I know this works?


Because I do the same self-limiting stuff to myself that perhaps you are doing,..waiting until you're ready, waiting to be asked, allowing the self-doubt to stall action. Out of sheer desperation, from self-destruct to the reconstruction of my life, I have discovered some simple yet powerful methods for unblocking those endearing female traits and unlocking that Genie in us – and want to share them with you.


What you can expect:


1. Greater confidence in who you are and what you are capable of


2. Insights into traits and skills needed to master the ability to Inspire, Influence and have Impact in your career and business.


3. Techniques for developing courage and confidence to breakthrough mental blockers and take meaningful action


Turn inspiration into action, re-discover your strengths, re-empower yourself with confidence to step up, find your voice and speak up. Stop waiting and worrying, start living.


I will share these techniques with you so that you too can find the ‘on’ switch and start honouring yourself and your ideas


Witness what happens when you make a commitment to becoming the best version of yourself.


Our approach?


To disrupt and challenge your thinking, and then inspire you to take action. Introducing a system of proven methods, processes and techniques to have the greatest impact.


We deliver confidence – you deliver results.


Inspiration is the spark that ignites everything I do, but inspiration isn’t always enough, even eagles need a push!


Enough said!


See you there




Tamsin Napier-Munn – Founder – RAW talks


Contact me at tamsin@raw-talks.com for information on other dates and programmes as part of the RAW talks Academy launching in September 2019


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