Run as part of The Careers Service’s Student Entrepreneur programme, Startup Immersion is a hands-on experience covering the muddy exploration and hard decisions that founders face when getting their ideas off the ground. It takes place for on the 28th-30th November.

“An interactive two-day workshop to get a real idea of how to go from idea to business idea. Slightly terrifying but very useful!” -Startup Immersion participant in Michalemas 2013


  • People deciding on a career path. Would you like to work for a big company or work for yourself? Do you understand what life will be like if you take the long road and try to make your ideas a reality? We’ll give you a real taste of this.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs. You are already starting or keen to start a business. By the end of Startup Immersion, you’ll have moved your idea forward, gained the confidence and new skillset to progress at far greater speed.


  • Learn Startup. The programme covers the “why” behind ideas like Iteration, Doing Less, Failing Fast and Designing To Learn. To shift towards an accelerated pace, we’ll show you how startups think about growth and taking action.
  • Look at business models. The Business Model Canvas is a tool to describe, analyze and design business models visually. Use it to highlight the important parts, and expose alternatives that prevent entrepreneurial tenacity from becoming fatal subbornness.
  • Discuss customer development. Turn customer conversations into facts, decisions and action. Customer Development often leaves founders collecting customer opinions which don’t match reality.

The course is taught by serial entrepreneurs with stories to tell and the scars to prove it. It’s designed to show you what really matters and help you avoid making costly mistakes. It’s focus is on real-life execution and practical tools.

See the Startup Immersion site for more details and a full schedule.


Apply using through the link above by midday Sunday 23rd November. First attach your latest brief CV brief and a short cover letter (max 250 words) answering these 2 questions (Click on My Account>My Documents to upload):

-Why are you looking to do Startup Immersion?
-What do you want to get out of it?

E-mail with any questions. SBS students should apply by e-mail to Dan. We will be in touch before the event with more details.


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