Next week, together with the Oxford Hungarian Society, PsyNAppS will be co-hosting the founders of a crowdsourced neuromarketing company, Synetiq. Adam Divak (CTO) and Tamas Nagy (lead researcher) will be speaking to us about their novel start up, which utilisies neuroscience techniques to provide businesses with emotional insights to their clients. Abstract Emotions are complex and beautiful parts of our existence. Although regarded as the opposite of thoughtful action, feelings are our biggest — although not infallible — aids in decision making. Therefore content creators such as marketing companies, movie and TV film producers should be aware of the emotional response to their video content, as it relates to their commercial success. Traditional approach uses questionnaires, interviews and focus groups to learn about the affective response of the target audience. Neuromarketing offers a different approach. It utilizes the accumulated knowledge of neuroscience to infer emotional and cognitive states from psychophysiological measurements. We are going to present how we turn biometric sensory information to actionable insights and recommendations about an audiovisual material. We will show the infostructure we have been building that allows real-time monitoring of affective reactions, and how we integrate data recording with processing and analysis. Biographies Adam holds an MSc in computer engineering and neuroscience and he specializes in neural applications. Prior to founding Synetiq, Adam worked on research projects such as the optimization of the network model of the hippocampus on supercomputers, and he developed complex applications for global finance companies. Tamas is an expert in psychology specialized in the research of emotions. He previously worked at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and at the University of Amsterdam where he studied the body-mind-behavior interactions of emotional situations. This event is free for all! For details, link here:

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