23 June 10.00

Whether you need to plan your business direction, range, branding, visual merchandising or promotional calendar, this is a great way to get ahead and make sure your business has the right vision to reach your targets.

Learn the skills and knowledge to analyse trends, and use the creative process of mood-boarding to explore these ideas so you can apply them to your business. Even in our ever changing economy, having a plan for the season ahead gives you the clarity of focus you need to keep your business on track.

A properly constructed Mood Board is an essential part of creative research and a visual aid you can return to time and time again; which will ensure you are aligned with your business plan whatever changes you encounter. It is also a great way to communicate and present your commercial goals to your team, suppliers, collaborators and even the press.

Key elements of the workshop:
AW18 trends and how to spot them
How to apply them to your business
Customer analysis to identify your core customer
Building an AW18 Mood Board to define your business vision

Who Should Take This Workshop?
Small businesses, start-ups, designer makers and those looking to start a business; who would like to learn about creative business planning. Suitable for all levels of business and creativity. This workshop is for those aged 18 and older.

Tutor information
Rosie Jacobs studied English & Philosophy at the University of Sussex before going on to study Jewellery Design at Brighton College. She has worked in retail for 15 years specialising in trend analysis, product development and buying for multiple retailers, before starting her own business in 2013. In 2015 she launched Independent Oxford with Anna Munday, and strives to support and promote independent businesses using their unique marketing platform, community and combined business skills. Alongside businesses A Rosie Life and Independent Oxford, Rosie offers business advice and consultancy, drawing on her extensive career from head office buying to running her own successful business.

Feedback for Rosie’s business advice:
My session with Rosie on the range planning process was incredibly helpful. As someone who hasn’t come from a retail buying background, it was invaluable to discuss the more formalised process of how to plan your product range with someone who has worked in a big retailer but also as a small business owner. My buying decisions were often based on more of an instinctual gut feeling rather than careful consideration of how this fitted into my range based on financial targets and previous data. Rosie was able to provide a framework to structure my planning around which will help me plan much more thoroughly and with a better knowledge and grasp of the financial side. I would recommend a session with Rosie to anyone who is unsure of their buying strategy and could do with a guiding hand on how to maximise your range to reach financial targets and growth.
Harriet Peacock, Shop at the Old Fire Station

Materials Magazines, boards, scissors and glue will be provided, but please do bring magazines, fabrics, and cuttings if you’d like to.



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