MASSIVELY INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS NETWORKING SUCCESS A day of ideas, inspiration and action I spend a lot of time at networking events. A lot of time. In the last seven years or so I've attended over 1000 networking events all over the UK. And what I've found is that a lot of people don't really know what to do when they get there. A lot of people attend networking events and sort of hope that it will turn into business for them. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. A lot of the time it doesn't turn into business often enough. I do know how to make this thing work. I had to make it work for me and have coached lots of other people in how to make it work for them. I work with people to help them build a simple system which turns their networking experience into a steady stream of prospects for their business. This is about doing more than just turning up and dishing out business cards It's about doing more than just collecting business cards. It's about doing more than sending out Emails to the people you met. The real opportunity is that most people won't bother, most people will simply turn up at networking events and hope for the best. Be honest with yourself. Is that what you're doing right now? Would you like to get more from your networking? Stefan Thomas – Business Networking for Dummies I'm Stefan Thomas and I'm the author of the Amazon bestseller Business Networking for Dummies. I know you're not a dummy, but if you've read this far I'm sure you want to increase your business networking success. And I can help. Come and spend a day with me and we will cover: What are your expectations – what do you actually set out to achieve from networking events? How to present yourself and your business in 40 seconds with clarity, confidence and a compelling message. 121s – What to say and, more importantly, what NOT to say. Taking the next step – following up with ease. Understanding the most important social media platforms and how to use them to continue your networking. 10 minutes to save the world – how to build a winning ten minute presentation which sells you, without being a sales pitch. If you want this to work. If you really want to get more out of your networking then book now. You'll start the day wanting to make it work and end the day with a robust plan and a set of tools designed specifically for you to make sure it does work. I limit each day to eight attendees, making sure that everyone has enough time to answer their questions and build their confidence to approach networking with a new purpose. Stefan Thomas of Business Networking for Dummies So, why should you work with me? What's my experience in business networking? Well, after over 1000 networking events in the last seven years and having worked with people from every profession, trade and industry, I know what works. When the publishers of the "For Dummies" series of books wanted an author for Business Networking for Dummies they came to me. The book has since become an Amazon best seller. I am asked to speak on networking all over the UK at business shows and major professional conferences. For details, link here:

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