This event is open to DPhil students and research staff of Oxford University's Social Sciences Division


This focus group introduces the Business Boost project launched by the Social Sciences Division. The organizer – Dr. Tanja Collavo – has experience in action research and Design Thinking and will be there to collect insights on what DPhil students and early career researchers need to interact and collaborate with businesses as part of their research project, as side activity or as a way to learn organizational and management skills. The goal of the focus group is to understand what support and opportunities the Division needs to create and to leverage this knowledge to develop training material, placements and tailored support. 


The focus group will cover:


The types of collaborations or interactions with businesses researchers are interested in

The type of supported needed by researcher to start and develop interactions and collaborations with businesses

Motivations to interact or collaborate with businesses

Existing obstacles and challenges in interacting or collaborating with businesses




Elaboration of training material that targets researchers’ needs

Understanding what opportunities need to be created

Development of a support offer that targets researchers’ needs



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