How do you deal with social media and incorporate it into a complete marketing plan? Social media is powerful but just because a new channel gets mentioned in the news do you have to react and start using it? What about the big established social media channels? Are you making the most of them for your business, or is your audience not engaged?

Weie Digital provides you with the ultimate resource to keep you up to date and extend your knowledge of social media and digital marketing. We help you to create an integrated workable online marketing strategy that will add value to your business and your customers. Our one-day workshop on 21st June 2016 will take you through four steps of creating and implementing an integrated online marketing strategy. We take you through four steps of building an integrated online marketing strategy. You will review where you are now and leave the course with an action plan for your business. Step One: building your narrative Your company’s narrative is a description of what your ethos is and what your company’s goals are. A narrative is most powerful when it's a story. A story is a framework for the experiences that people have. Your narrative needs to be simple, clear, and focused, because all of your marketing will be built from your narrative. Step Two: your message What and how are you currently communicating with your customers? Are you using the right channels for your current and potential customers? We look at several social media channels, blogging and email marketing to see how the channel affects your message. Step Three: What are your most effective communication channels? First tier channels such as search engines, email, blogs, video and second tier channels, which cover social media platforms and discussion forums. What are your customers looking for and when are they searching? Step Four: Start building your plan. We review the outcomes of the first three steps to put together your online marketing strategy with planned specific outcomes. Who should attend the course? Those responsible for communicating your brand, be it yourself, your marketing director/manager or support staff. How much is it? The cost of the 1 day training programme is £125.00 and includes all of the training materials. All delegates will also recieve a complimentary guest pass to trial the leisuire club which will be valid for up to 1 month. The venue, parking and refreshemnts David Llyod Lesuire Club is a luxury health and fitness club with an excellent corporate training faciliity. Free parking will be provided and refreshments are available via the clubs healthy cafe including a relaxing lounge to enjoy a nutrional lunch from their deliciious menu. (Please feel free to bring a pack lunch of your own also). Can’t make the date? Then why not consider our bespoke strategy and training sessions that are perfectly aligned with your business goals. A typical session will span either a half or full day on your premises.

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