Love healthtech? Love community building? Care about inclusivity? YOU, my friend, look like you want to join the teams behind the One HealthTech Oxford and Reading Hubs! Drop in and join us for an informal session where we will cover the background to the One HealthTech community, what it means to be in the Oxford/Reading Hub team and start to discuss ideas and plans. We will kick off at 17:45 (although please feel free to arrive from 17:35) and be finished off my 19:00. Attending this by no means commits you to join the team of volunteers, so please do come along if you are interested, curious, just want to meet some proactive (mostly) women in healthtech! If it's not for you, there is no problem in that and we hope to still have you involved in other ways.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to email




Quick Qs

What is OHT? OHT is a community that supports and promotes women, and people from diverse backgrounds to be future leaders in health tech.


What do you do? “Hubs” (i.e. people in regions around the place who want to build their local digital health ecosystem) do whatever they feel is best for their region. There are usually lots of meetups, workshops, mentorship sessions, pitching events etc. Meanwhile, the small, but perfectly formed OHT core team are busy behind the scenes helping make the organisation scalable, sustainable and impactful, so everyone get’s to benefit from everyone’s success, learnings and resources. 


Where can I find out more? Check out the website and look at the #OH18 and #OHT19 hashtags to get a feel for our gatherings!

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