There has been a sea change over the last few decades in the way academic institutions view entrepreneurial interest of the faculty and the role of the Institution in fostering an ecosystem conducive to such activities. This has become a global phenomenon and many of the leading Institutions in Europe and Asia are also beginning to replicate the model of the Boston or Silicon Valley academic Institutions. This clearly presents a wonderful opportunity for those who want to strike out on their own as opposed to waiting for someone else to offer them a job. This is the mental transition from a job seeker to a job creator. This is a multi-pronged journey with differing levels of risks and rewards. In my talk I will discuss a variety of models that are available to the academic entrepreneur, their pluses and minuses and also some of the critical knowledge one needs to understand about the world of entrepreneurship in general. I will cover the process of making the transition from academia to entrepreneurship, raising funds, dealing with venture capitalists and eventually finding an exit. I will use examples from several of my colleagues’ startups and my own experience in running a company for over three decades yet maintaining a career centered on academic research

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