16 January 16:00-19:30  The MobOx Foundation C.I.C in partnership with Oxfordshire County Council are pleased to invite you to a round table event to discuss the: Law Commission's Consultation on Automated Vehicles.

Background The Law Commission of England and Wales and the Scottish Law Commission have launched the first of a series of public consultations about crucial legal reforms which will ensure the country is prepared for the introduction of automated vehicles. This is an early milestone in a three-year review to examine any legal obstacles to the widespread introduction of self-driving vehicles and highlight the need for regulatory reforms. The work will be crucial in examining how current driving laws – designed with traditional motoring in mind – can support the next generation of vehicles. The consultation asks a series of questions to examine the types of changes that may be required to ensure the country is ready for the introduction of automated vehicles. The consultaion has been open since 8th November 2018 with reponses required by 8th February 2019. Details can be found below: https://www.lawcom.gov.uk/law-commissions-open-consultation-into-new-rules-for-uks-self-driving-future/ The Event This is an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss some of the key questions raised by the consultation in an open & honest forum. There will be representatives from the Law Comission who will be providing a short presentation and will be available during the event to answer questions. Outcome To enable organisations representing both the private and public sectors to finalise their responses to the consultation to influence the direction the UK will be taking in the Automated Vehicles sector. . Note: further details (agenda, chair & speakers) of the event will be circulated to attendees in the New Year


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