**Application deadline: 27 February**


Are you a young founder? Start Crew  is THE weekend for you to take your ambition to a whole new level. The next one is March 16-17th in Berlin – it’s totally free but highly selective 😉 Apply at www.startcrew.co 


SO YOU'RE A YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR? Great. You have more free time and less constraints than other founders. That’s how Google, Snap and Facebook were born, from young people with big dreams.


YOU KNOW IT, SOLVING A REAL PROBLEM IS HARD. It takes a special mindset and a lot of courage to change the state of things. You need to surround your team with bold, singular and generous people like you.


WE BELIEVE A GREAT ENTREPRENEUR CAN COME FROM ANYWHERE. The Family has been empowering ambitious founders for years. It’s what we do best, and what we want to offer you over a weekend. 


JOIN START CREW ALONGSIDE 20 EXCEPTIONAL TEAMS FROM ALL OVER EUROPE! Get hands-on support from the best entrepreneurs & operators in Berlin. We'll push you to express your ambition in ways you never thought possible. 




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