11 April 2019 09:00-13:30

We start the morning by identifying the areas where IT can help a startup. It’s then time to ask what criteria we should use when choosing IT;  this allows us to develop a worksheet for each task to decide what will work best.

Topics include:
• what hardware do I need?
• desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones
• Windows, Mac, or Linux?
• new v refurbished and buying v leasing
• what software do I need?
• buy, rent, or free?
• using the cloud
• resilience: backups, security, and more.

Who should attend Entrepreneurs who are setting up a business and need an introduction to IT to plan, budget, and grow.

How you benefit
We learn:
• where IT can help
• how to calculate the benefit of IT
• how to calculate the true cost of IT
• the choices you face
• how to make decisions that allow your business to grow. 

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