26 February 07.45-08.45 Are you a Science and Technology business that are looking for finance, now or in the future? Are you looking for some guidance and support to understand the various way that you may gain access to finance?

Are you considering if grants, equity or debt is the best option for you? If so, this event is designed with you in mind. Early stage companies need to consider what options are open when taking financing but also from who, when and why. The conundrum is if they take too much investment too early they risk giving up too much of the business; but if they take too little too late, the company may not grow as fast as needed to increase the value of the company. This taster will not provide all the answers but will equip you with an outline of what should be considered. It should also help to understand how a company’s technology roadmap aligns with its needs for capital; how the need for capital should line up with specific accomplishments that reduce the risk of the overall business. The session will provide a broad overview of the three types of funding, Grant, Equity and Debt and what it means to be investment ready for each. Additionally there will be the angel investor on hand to give their perspective for early There will be follow up Roundtable events organised at later dates for each type that will enable a greater exploration of who, what, where, why, how and when. Agenda and Timings: 07.45am Registration 08.00am Introductions and Session start 09.15am Open forum/Questions & networking 10.00amFinish Tea, coffee and pastries will be provided. This event hosted by the Oxford Centre for Innovation, will be led by Eileen Modral on behalf of the Enterprise Europe Network.


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