Hoffmann Lecture 2016 A circular economy: economic regeneration, access and abundance vs scarcity, 'new' monopolies and stagnation? Ken Webster – Head of Innovation, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation Our existing linear 'take, make and dispose' economy is struggling. There are better narratives. Could a circular economy provide a key to prosperity in the future by leveraging the information technology revolution and our understanding of feedback rich systems? The aim is to create effective flows of energy, materials and information (especially money) and rebuild or regenerate natural and social capital. The potential is cheaper access to goods and services and an abundance of solutions to meet the desire for a better quality of life. Could the opposite also be true: increased scarcity and loss of autonomy? The Hoffmann Lecture is given each year in recognition of the generosity and support of Mr André Hoffmann for the Weidenfeld Scholarships & Leadership Programme at University of Oxford. This unique Programme cultivates the leaders of tomorrow by providing outstanding university graduates and young professionals from emerging and transitional economies with the opportunity to pursue fully-funded graduate studies at the University of Oxford, combined with a specially created programme of leadership development, long-term mentoring and networking. Since its foundation in 2007, the Programme has supported 177 Weidenfeld Scholars originating from 53 countries and studying across 30 different academic departments at Oxford. For more information, please visit www.whtrust.org

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