Ellis Bardsley is now one of the top ranked business coaches in Europe after 2 years of tremendous growth and results for his clients. Breaking in to the top 100 coaches in the world earlier this year shows you that this seminar should not be missed. This event will be tailored solely for business and success minded peeople. A perfect opportunity for business owners, directors and budding entrepreneurs to better themslves. We will be moving at a fast pace through a lot of PROVEN strategies to build your business to the point it is producing massive results. The seminar will begin with networking over coffee from 9-930 Seminar Topic (9:30-12:30)- THE 6 STEPS: -Mastery – Time, Money, Destination, and Delivery -Niche – The 5 ways to multiply your profits -Leverage – Work once paid for life -Team – The 4 steps to a winning team -Synergy – Turn your business into a well oiled money making machine -Results – Reap the rewards These 6 steps are the key elements that will sky rocket your business to success. Most business's dabble and never truly build themselves into the truly profitable machine that it can be, this event will teach you EXACTLY how you can do that. The event will finish at 12:30 however you are free to stay on, meet and network with like minded business owners and people. The only thing left to do now is to take action… For details, link here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/6-steps-to-massive-results-emea-award-winning-coach-tickets-17775642425

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