Apr 25 2018 19:00

Formula One is a showcase for innovation in advanced engineering, constantly pushing the limit of physics. With 20 cars trying to gain an extra 0.1 second on every lap, every team are undergoing continuous rapid development and enhancing every component of the car to seek marginal advantage over their competition. Not only does 3D printing allows for the constant production and iteration of car parts, but also enables a more complex and lightweight structure due to its unique manufacturing process.

Pat Warner, Renault Sports Formula One’s Digital Manufacturing Manager, will be sharing insights with us on how 3D printing has been utilised for rapid prototyping and development at the Advanced Digital Manufacturing (ADM) Centre. He has been involved in F1 for 30 years and 3D printing for 20 years. He oversees the entire process of integrating additive manufacturing to the ADM facility, currently manufacturing 600 parts a week for various applications in the wind tunnel, manufacturing aids and car parts.

This talk is jointly hosted by OxRAM Society and Oxford University Racing, sponsored by 3D Systems and Filament PM.


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