Apr 4 2018
We are gathering the largest stakeholder network of active EU centers involved in the management of patients with rare adult cancers. This conference brings together different branches of rare cancers, based on histological and organ of origin classifications. Participants are invited from all aspects of rare cancer management, pharma, industry, patient advocacy groups, patients and healthcare providers.

The Congress will cover multiple sessions over 3 days including:
– The Rare Cancer Pathway
– Facilitating communication between healthcare providers and patients
– Enabling technologies for Rare Cancer diagnosis, managament and treatment
– Rare cancer drug development
– Payers, healthcare providers and patients’ perspectives

2018 Speakers include:​​​​​​​
– Prof Pancras Hogendoorn, Professor of Pathology and Dean of the Leiden University Medical Centre
– Prof Ernst Hafen, Co-founder and President of the Board, MiDATA
– Dr Sandrine Marreaud, Head of Medical and Pharmacovigilance Department, EORTC
– David Cole, Innovation Lead Europe, IBM Watson
– Dr Hans Hofstraat, Vice President, Philips
– Dr Leila Luhesi, Associate Director- Clinical and Translational Research, Oxford Nanopore Technologies
– Prof David Capper, Professor of Molecular Neuropathology, Charite Berlin
– Dr Kevin Bradley, Consultant in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Oxford University Hospitals
– Dr Apostolos Tsiachristas, Senior Researcher in Health Economics, University of Oxford
– Kathy Oliver, Co-director and Chair, International Brain Tumour Alliance
– Jane Lyons, CEO, Cancer52

View the Agenda here: https://therarecancerproject.eu/2nd-euracan-annual-conference-collaboration-eit-health-innovation-rare-cancer-management/

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