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Oxford Technology Management has specialised in making investments in technology start-ups near Oxford since 1983. OT(S)EIS is the 12th fund. This fund invests in technology start-ups near Oxford, but takes advantage of the very generous SEIS tax reliefs, which transforms the economics of investing in start-ups.

Periodically, at the request of our investors, we hold meetings in the early evening at which some of the investee companies make presentations so that the investors can meet the founders and CEOs and hear about progress from the horses mouth. But anyone who is interested to learn more about Oxford Technology or about the particular investee companies is welcome to attend. It is likely that some of these companies will be raising EIS capital in future.

There will be four 15 minute presentations from 5pm – 6pm followed by wine and the chance to meet the founders. 1. Molecular WarehouseSiro Perez Founder and CEO OT(S)EIS was one of the initial investors in 2015. The company now has its technology working and has signed its first corporate diagnostic development deal with a pharma company which included a six figure up-front fee and multi £m milestone payments. 2. CovaticNick Pinks Co-founder and CEO OT(S)EIS invested in Feb 2017. Covatic is developing software to enable broadcasters to deliver personalised information and news to their customers via their mobile devices, in an intelligent way. Their first customer is one of the best known broadcasters in the world, and they are starting trials in October 2017, hopefully to define the future of broadcasting for many years to come. 3. Lightpoint MedicalDavid Tuch Founder and CEO OT(S)EIS was the first external investor in Lightpoint in June 2013. The technology enables surgeons to distinguish cancerous from non-cancerous tissue during an operation, thus enabling surgeons ensure that they have not left any cancerous tissue behind. 4. LupePablo Montero and Lucas Horne founders OT(S)EIS invested in Lupe in Feb 2017. The founders, who formerly worked at Dyson, have developed a prototype of a better vacuum cleaner which cleans better and which has a longer battery life than the incumbents. The plan is to launch the product in August 2018.

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