Nick L. Theodorou is an experienced technology entrepreneur and physicist. He is currently reading Oxford’s PGCE in preparation for a career teaching Science, a profession he finds to compliment his gregarious nature, as well as balance the often uncertain grind of realising an entrepreneurial ambition. On weekends he is known to tour as rhythm guitarist for a local punk/ska band.

There is an artist or entrepreneur in everyone, I just never figured out how to use a paint brush correctly.

A good business person will buy a watermelon and cut it into smaller portions to extract a profit.
A good entrepreneur will make watermelon juice, test out different recipes, then perhaps license the brand to a network of franchisees for wider distribution.

Through experience of testing lots of ‘not-obviously’ bad ideas, and picking up second-hand wisdom from failed case studies.
Also after the clarity of the new concept felt strong enough to solve the pain point I was looking to tackle.

Increasingly, pragmatism and willingness to see something through to completion – or you might as well be writing fiction
Ability to attract a team and foster motivation in others – unless you can do everything…
The right mindset – entrepreneurs sometimes have to change the rules of the game to overcome obstacles; they don’t blame the circumstances

It doesn’t have to end at 5pm each day.

Anita Roddick

A balanced discussion about natural gas fracking

A missing clause in an agreement once cost me £60k and my IT consulting business

I started my own IT consulting practise to fund myself

Haven’t been that lucky, yet!

Access to talent

YC Startup School videos

Keep your mind fresh, take 4 days holiday every 12 weeks at the very least.

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