IDEA (Increasing Diversity in Enterprising Activities)  is a new initiative from the University of Oxford, designed to tackle some of the key challenges and inequalities faced by groups who are currently vastly underrepresented in enterprise and industry across the world. The first in a suite of IDEA initiatives is aimed at empowering, inspiring, connecting and upskilling more women leaders, business founders and pioneers. 

Why do we need this?
The playing field is not, and has never been, level. Globally, women hold fewer than a quarter of senior leadership positions, and last year less than 2% of European tech investment capital went to female founders.  The UK government’s 2019 Alison Rose Review highlights gender inequalities throughout the entrepreneurial life cycle, showing that women entrepreneurs are at a disadvantage every step of the way. We need to act now to change this picture for current and future generations of women, and to create the conditions that will enable significantly more women to become leaders and entrepreneurs.

How do I participate?
If you’re interested in participating, simply fill in this short form, and we’ll keep you informed about upcoming opportunities and events.  And don’t forget to join our LinkedIn group!

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