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  1. Introduction and Purpose
    1. The IDEA Advisory Group (IAG) is a member and staff led group that will support the development of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in enterprising activities agenda at the University of Oxford
  2. Objectives
    1. To provide strategic direction and leadership for the development of the University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in enterprising activities agenda, including through the activities of the IDEA Programme; and
    2. To foster an inclusive environment by challenging the culture and contributing to institutional change, and raising Oxford’s profile as a sector leader in EDI in enterprising activities.
  3. Responsibilities
    1. Act as a sounding board and critical friend (support and challenge) for policy and programme development, and help determine development priorities for IDEA;
    2. Support the Academic champion with advocacy on behalf of IDEA at senior levels, and to connect IDEA into academic developments or policy where appropriate; and
    3. Support the definition and evaluation of EDI commitments and targets in enterprising activities, linking in relevant priorities in University strategies (University Strategic Plan 2018-2023, KE Strategy).
  4. Details
    1. The Group will be chaired by the Academic Champion for Women in Entrepreneurship, with secretariat provided by the IDEA Programme Lead
    2. In the absence of the Chair, a Vice-Chair shall be nominated in advance by the Chair.
    3. Meetings of the Group will take place termly unless otherwise directed by the Chair
    4. Ad hoc meetings may be called if required
    5. Key colleagues will be invited to attend meetings to contribute to discussions as and when appropriate and at the Chair’s discretion.
  5. Membership
    1. Academic Champion for Women in Entrepreneurship
    2. Senior representatives to be nominated by Divisions. These members should ideally have some knowledge and experience of EDI and/or innovation and entrepreneurship, but primarily with knowledge of this activity within their division
    3. College representative
    4. Senior members of key entrepreneurship units within, and linked to the University (OUI,OSI, SBS, Foundry, CDL)
    5. Senior academics and professional services
    6. University startup or spinout women founders
    7. External representatives
  1. Reporting and Review Procedures
    1. This Group will formally report directly to the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Innovation) and also provide updates on progress to Research & Innovation Committee (RIC) and Knowledge Exchange and Innovation Sub-Committee (KEISC) as appropriate.
    2. This ToR will be reviewed annually.

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